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Muhammad Salar Khan - 2017 Three Minute Thesis

Economics of Marijuana: Impact of Taxes on Marijuana’s Prices in Oregon. Muhammad Salar Khan, College of Liberal Arts, Public Policy

From  John McQueen 195 plays

Vahid Mahdavifar - 2017 Three Minute Thesis

Viability of Hybrid CLT. Vahid Mahdavifar, College Of Forestry, Wood Science.

From  John McQueen 76 plays

Katy Serafin - 2017 Three Minute Thesis

A Recipe For Flooding. Katy Serafin, College of Ocean, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, Ocean, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences.

From  John McQueen 154 plays

Marisol Tsui Chang - 2017 Three Minute Thesis

From X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) to Durable Concrete. Marisol Tsui Chang, College of Engineering, Civil Engineering.

From  John McQueen 109 plays

Melissa McDougall - 2017 Three Minute Thesis People's Choice Award

Building Better Brains For Baby and Beyond. Melissa McDougall, Public Health and Human Sciences, Nutrition and Aging Sciences.

From  John McQueen 287 plays

Elizabeth M. Collar- 2017 Three Minute Thesis 2nd Place

3rd Carpal Bone Fractures: Can We Prevent Racehorse Breakdowns? Elizabeth M. Collar, Graduate School, Comparative Health Sciences.

From  John McQueen 33 plays

Brad Pitcher - 2017 Three Minute Thesis Winner

Volcano Forensics: Using Past Eruptions to Predict Future Disasters. Brad Pitcher, College of Ocean, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, Geology.

From  John McQueen 178 plays

Christina Welch - 2017 Three Minute Thesis

What Lies Below: Deeper Implications for Transboundary Aquifers. Christina Welch, Graduate School, Water Resources Policy & Management.

From  John McQueen 81 plays

Alexandra M. Avila 2017 Three Minute Thesis

Just Going With The Flow: Connecting Marine Reserves And Fisheries. Alexandra M. Avila, College of Agricultural Sciences, Fisheries Science.

From  John McQueen 44 plays

Jack Twilley - 2017 Three Minute Thesis

The Key To Making Great Mead: Happy Yeast. Jack Twilley, College of Agricultural Sciences, Food Science & Technology.

From  John McQueen 56 plays