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2023 Elevate Extension Keynote Talk: Dan Leavell

"Opportunities and What We Make of Them" - Daniel Leavell, Current Associate Professor of Practice, College of Forestry and Former Associate Professor of Practice; Fire Specialist, Forestry…

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My Meeting 2/28

Zoom Recording ID: 96142839156 UUID: K1XnoXyPTjO3ns/B0E+2DQ== Meeting Time: 2023-02-28 06:30:05pmGMT

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20D-Hopkins-Fuels Reduction Slideshow

This is a power point presentation 20D Fire, Fuels, and Hazard Reduction from Clackamas Tree School 2018 on March 24, 2018.

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Nitrogen Metabolism

A lecture by Kevin Ahern discussing nitrogen metabolism, amino acid metabolism, and the urea cycle.

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Energy II and Carbohydrates

A lecture by Kevin Ahern covering metabolic energy and carbohydrate structures.

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BB 450/550 Lecture for November 12, 2010

BB 450/550 Biochemistry lecture by Kevin Ahern. Topics covered include signaling, metabolic control, oxidation/reduction, energy.

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