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My Meeting 2/28

Zoom Recording ID: 96142839156 UUID: K1XnoXyPTjO3ns/B0E+2DQ== Meeting Time: 2023-02-28 06:30:05pmGMT

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CH 202 7R February 23, 2023 zoom

Zoom Recording ID: 94250081562 UUID: vx2CFSQrTumT53I7aN9dgQ== Meeting Time: 2023-02-23 05:24:18pmGMT

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COMSOL tutorial: Coliform Disinfection model

Setting up a model to solve problem 6, p125 in the textbook, by comparing different kinetic expressions with data set.

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COMSOL tutorial: Monod kinetics

COMSOL Reaction Engineering Lab tutorial demonstrating how to set up a model with Monod kinetics, specify kinetic parameters as constants, and import experimental data for comparison

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COMSOL Tutorial 4: Model postprocessing

Tutorial describing how to manipulate graphing parameters using the postprocessing menu in COMSOL Reaction Engineering Lab

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COMSOL Tutorial: Importing Data from a file

Tutorial demonstrates how to set up a text file with experimental data and import it into COMSOL Reaction Engineering Lab

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COMSOL tutorial 2: Model and reaction settings

COMSOL Reaction Engineering Lab introduction to model and reaction settings

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COMSOL Tutorial 1: Creating a New Model

Tutorial briefly looks at Model Navigator window when opening a new model in COMSOL Reaction Engineering Lab

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COMSOL Tutorial 3: Solving the Model

Tutorial on using the model solver in COMSOL Reaction Engineering Lab

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