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Carbohydrate Storage I

A lecture by Kevin Ahern describing gluconeogenesis and glycogen metabolism.

From  Kevin Ahern 20 plays

Glycolysis II

A lecture by Kevin Ahern covering glycolysis and its regulation

From  Kevin Ahern 11 plays

BB 451/551 Lecture for January 5, 2009

Biochemistry Lecture. Citric Acid Cycle I

From  Kevin Ahern 6 plays

Citric Acid Cycle I Lecture for January 3, 2011

BB 451/551 Biochemistry Lecture by Kevin Ahern

From  Kevin Ahern 32 plays

BB 450/550 Lecture for November 17, 2010

BB 450/55o Biochemistry lecture by Kevin Ahern. Topics covered include Glycolysis II

From  Kevin Ahern 10 plays