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AI Seminar 42: Sandhya Saisubramanian

Planning and Learning for Reliable Autonomy in the Open World

From  Prasad Tadepalli 14 plays

Hayley Leavitt - AARVIN Week 7

This week with AARVIN we got the robot rolling! The GPS is fully implemented and GPS-Compass navigation is working! Testing outside in real-world conditions got delayed due to real-world weather,…

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College Talk Tuesday: College Life, What's college like?

College students share their perspective of what college is like for a college-bound student audience.

From  Jose Garcia 3 plays

College Talk Tuesday: College Life Student Panel

This recording is of college student panelists helping to answer questions regarding College Life for college-bound students.

From  Jose Garcia 2 plays

Research Computing Seminar on Data Management and Open Science Oct 24, 2016

Research Computing Seminar given by Clara Llebot and Steve van Tuyl on Data Management and Open Science, October 24, 2016

From  Stephen Wolbers 62 plays

Open GEP on Your Computer

Opening GEP on your computer should be straight forward. This video will demonstrate how to find GEP on your computer and then how to open the program.

From  Sergio Arispe 13 plays

2014 Open Access Lecture: Nicole Allen

From  Michael Boock 13 plays

2013 Open Access Lecture: Peter Binfield

"Open Access: What's Working? What's New? What Still Needs Work?" Peter Binfield, Co-founder and Publisher, PeerJ

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2012 Open Access Lecture: Cable Green

Dr. Cable Green is Director of Global Learning for Creative Commons. He is responsible for setting strategic direction and priorities to build a global movement that will enable robust practices and…

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PEBB 2012 Open Enrollment & 2012 HEM presentation

Overview of 2013 plan changes and changes to the 2013 HEM.

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2011 Open Access Lecture: MacKenzie Smith

Open Access to Research Data: the Next Frontier. Presented on October 27, 2011, by MacKenzie Smith, Science Commons Research Fellow at the Creative Commons, as part of Open Access Week at OSU Valley…

From  Michael Boock 120 plays

Linus Pauling Science Center Open House lectures

Dr. Rod Dashwood, October 14, 2011

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Linus Pauling Science Center Open House lectures

Dr. Maret Traber, October 14. 2011

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Transcription I

a lecture by Kevin Ahern covering the process of transcription in general terms.

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Open Source Lab - Sarah Cooley

Sarah Cooley discusses being a student employee at the OSU Open Source Lab

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Open Source Lab Thanks Google

Students from OSU's Open Source Lab thank Google's Open Source Programs Office for their kind donations and talk about some of the great things going on at the lab that the donations have…

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