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The Nightmare- Jimmy Bates NMC 351 Final Project

A short film for my New Media Visualization class final. It is about a guy who has a dream/nightmare that whenever he walks through doorways he goes into a new film genre... In this video I display…

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A Night in the Life of the Common Zoobomber

This was my final project for NMC 481 Post Production. I decided to do a short documentary on the Zoobomb, which is an event/activity in portland.

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Soft Cough and The Pleather Pants (Yeah)

This was my final for NMC 383 Field Production. It is a music video of a song written by Sam Dolyhniuk and performed and recorded by Duncan Galvin.

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OSU Ad 2

nmc video production hw

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Trading Rooms 2007 - Short Version

Trading Rooms is an event that will take two rooms from the OSU campus residence halls and have the residents switch rooms to redecorate with $250 budget, and with help and guidance from two interior…

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