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2012 Words On Fire Symposium

Dr. Mary Beth Leigh.

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2012 Words on Fire Symposium

Questions and answers: Tim Ingalsbee and Karin Riley.

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2012 Words on Fire Symposium

Colleen Morton Busch, author, "Fire Monks".

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2012 Words on Fire Symposium

Karin Riley

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2012 Words on Fire Symposium

Pyroganda on Praxis: FUSEE, Dr. Tim Ingalsbee

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2012 Words on Fire Symposium: The Spring Creek Project Intro

Spring Creek Project

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Saving Eden Creek: A Film About People & Forests

This video adaptation from a play was done in 2012 by the OSU College of Forestry Media Center. Like the play itself, it is designed to explore what we value about forests. Target audiences are…

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(5:5) Innovation at Forrest Paints: The "Bug Farm"

Forrest Paints, Eugene, Oregon, is the developer and producer of Hemp Shield, a hemp oil-based deck treatment. Hemp Shield is one of many examples of this companies leadership through innovation. The…

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Enhancing Lichens and Bryophytes in Young Forests

Thinning Young Stands, 1098 DVD. This video describes the important role that lichens and bryophytes play in forest ecosystems, and explains why these organisms are less common in young managed…

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Designated Skid Trails

FMC_903_VT. Provides information to improve decisions and operations involving the design and use of designated skid trails. Benefits of designated skid trails are discussed, as well as factors…

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Soil Compaction on Forest Lands

FMC 850. An in-depth look at causes of forest soil compaction, its effects on productivity, and some management alternatives for reducing compaction and restoring compacted lands. Focuses on recent…

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