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Inspiration Dissemination Featuring Stacey Frederick 6-23-13

Inspiration Dissemination is a radio program on 88.7fm KBVR that is produced entirely by students. The program features graduate students to discuss their research projects and experiences, and give…

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Inspiration Dissemination Featuring Garrett_Meigs (4-15-12)

Inspiration Dissemination is a radio program on 88.7fm KBVR, Corvallis. This episode features Garrett Meigs - a pHD student in the Forest Ecosystems and Society Department at Oregon State University.…

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2013 Water Resource Seminar - Gaby Katul

May 1, 2013 - Dr. Gaby Katul from Duke University is the guest speaker for the Spring Seminar Series: "Land, Water, and atmosphere: the Next 50 years". He presented on "Hydraulic…

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Strangers in our waterways

Explores the impacts of non-native species on our aquatic ecosystems.

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