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ATS 201 Review 1

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2018 Distinguished Professor Lecture - Edward Brook

The history of atmosphere and climate from polar ice cores: is past prologue?

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2016 Thomas Condon Lecture - Dr. John Grotzinger, California Institute of Technology - Curiosity's Mission of Exploration at Gale Crater, Mars (October 4, 2016)

2016 Thomas Condon Lecture: Curiosity's Mission of Exploration at Gale Crater, Mars - Dr. John Grotzinger, California Institute of Technology, October 4, 2016, LaSells Stewart Center, OREGON…

From  Ernest Colantonio 203 plays

Tracing Arctic Climate Evolution: From a forested arctic to the present

In this Distinguished Visiting Lecture, Professor Julie Brigham-Grette discusses how data are now being used to assess the climate evolution of the Arctic since a time when the arctic borderlands…

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F.A. Gilfillan Memorial Lecture

"Ancient History: Microbial Origins and the Greening of Earth", Stephen Giovannoni, OSU, April 30, 2012.

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Degrees of Freedom: The Seemingly Random Walk of an Academic

Keynote Address by Laura Huenneke, VP of Research, Northern Arizona University, Advancing Toward Professorship in Biological, Ecological and Earth System Sciences Seminar

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To Save the Future: New Alliances of Science and Ethics

Geosciences Winter Seminar: Earth System Science for a Healthy Planet GEO 407/507 Lecture 1 - January 7, 2010 Kathleen Dean Moore

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