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CORE Initiative Presentation, 5/9/2013

CORE Initiative co-chairs Becky Warner and Lois Brooks explain the purpose of the initiative (approx. 5 mins) and Michael Hansen delivers a presentation that illustrates the issues discusses the…

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Faculty Senate Oct 11 2012 B

AGENDA ITEM B: Action Items 1.) Category 1 Proposals 2.) Proposed Revisions to the Perspectives Category

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Faculty Senate Jan 12, 2012 Part 3

AGENDA ITEM C--2 - COMMITTEE REPORTS Baccalaureate Core Committee Update Bill Bogley and Kerry Kincanon, Baccalaureate Core Committee co-chairs, will provide an update of the committee’s…

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Gene Expression II

a lecture by Kevin Ahern covering gene expression relative to eukaryotic cells.

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Personal Air Sampler - Training video II, Filters

This video shows users how to install and remove the filter from the personal air sampler.

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