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2012 Open Access Lecture: Cable Green

Dr. Cable Green is Director of Global Learning for Creative Commons. He is responsible for setting strategic direction and priorities to build a global movement that will enable robust practices and…

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2011 Open Access Lecture: MacKenzie Smith

Open Access to Research Data: the Next Frontier. Presented on October 27, 2011, by MacKenzie Smith, Science Commons Research Fellow at the Creative Commons, as part of Open Access Week at OSU Valley…

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Starker Lecture Series

December 9, 2004. Tom Knudson: Conserving Ours, Consuming Theirs Tom Knudson, Global winner of the 2004 Reuters-IUCN Environmental Media Award, two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative…

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Starker Lecture Series

December 8, 2004. Patricia Marchak: The State of Nature and the Nature of States. Patricia Marchak, Sociologist, The Liu Institute for Global Issues; Emeritus Professor, University of British…

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Starker Lecture Series

November 4, 2004. Panel Discussion: The Role of Fire in Creating Proactive Community Involvement in Forest Management Panel Includes Jack Shipley, Applegate Partnership; Victoria Sturtevant,…

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Starker Lecture Series

November 20, 2003. Dr. Karl Stauber, Complexity and the Common Good: So, why are we confused? Stauber, President, Northwest Area Foundation.

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Starker Lecture Series

October 21, 2004. Char Miller: The Greatest Good: 100 Years of Forestry in America Char Miller, Professor History and Director of Urban Studies at Trinity University; Senior Fellow of the Pinchot…

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