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Hayley Leavitt - AARVIN Week 7

This week with AARVIN we got the robot rolling! The GPS is fully implemented and GPS-Compass navigation is working! Testing outside in real-world conditions got delayed due to real-world weather,…

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Tech Talk Tuesday: Lessons in Real-World Software: Going From Monolith to Microservices

Abstract The Center for Applied Systems and Software (CASS) is an experiential learning program for students. Our self-funded program provides hands-on learning for students on real world projects…

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Tech Talk Tuesday: Democratizing Error-Efficient Computing

Radha Venkatagiri, Assistant ProfessorComputer ScienceOregon State University AbstractWe live in a world were errors in computation are becoming ubiquitous and come from a wide variety of sources --…

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IS Chalk Talk: Middleware Re-Architecture

2015-02-12 IS Chalk Talk on middleware architecture. The presentation defines the new RESTful architecture, explains how the architecture will improve interoperability between applications, and…

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Title: A Mathematical Detective Story: Decoding the Golden Ratio. Dan Rockwell, Oregon State University Department of Mathematics, shows how the Golden Ratio is reflected in natural and human-made…

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Back Page 279 Anne Hendren

Author Anne Hendren spent years researching the connection linking improved prison design with reduced recidivism. These elements inform the story arc in "A Dream of Good and Evil."

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Jonathan Orpin:New Energy Works & Pioneer Millworks

30 years of recycling quality big timber for architectural purposes.

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