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"Snow in the Quad" - Promotional film for 2007 Event

Promotional film for 2007 "Snow in the Quad" event featuring footage from the previous interation, held on May 25, 2006. Digitized from a DVD original held in the KBVR TV Moving Images…

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"Snow in the Quad" - KGW Channel 8 News coverage, May 25, 2006 [2 of 2]

KGW Channel 8 News coverage of "Snow in the Quad" event, featuring Ron Pivo and, Joe Becker. Interviews with Meagan Thomas, OSU freshman, and event co-director Dan Genco. Digitized from a…

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Snow in the Quad - KGW Channel 8 News Coverage - May 25, 2006

KGW Channel 8 News coverage of Snow in the Quad event. Anchored by Joe Becker. Interview with Co-Directors of the event, Dan Genco and Ryan Kirkpatrick, as well as students Ian McCormick and Keenan…

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"Snow in the Quad" setup footage, May 25, 2006

Timelapse footage of the setup process for "Snow in the Quad." Digitized from a DVD original held in the KBVR TV Moving Images and Sound Recordings (FV170-1042-02)

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"Snow in the Quad," May 25, 2006

“Snow in the Quad,” May 25, 2006. Ski/Snowboard Rail Jam event footage, as well as some footage taken from KGW 8 News. Produced by Aaron Harada, Daniel Genco. Snowboarders: Austin…

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