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Data Management Plan guidance

Description of resources available at Oregon State University and beyond to write data management plans. Uses the DMP guide from the library website as a guide for the presentation.

From  Clara Llebot Lorente 5 Months ago 11 views

LFA Seminar Series April 13th - Remediation Data Management Plans. A tool for recovering data from messy, messy projects.

On April 13th 2018 we had 3 short talks from OSULP faculty members and collaborators. This is the third talk of the seminar, titled Remediation Data Management Plans. A tool for recovering research…

From  Clara Llebot Lorente 10 Months ago 11 views

group meeting 2

it's a group meeting video

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EESC Express October 2016 - 3-D Printing, New Handbooks Website, more

Join us in this 30-minute journey through 3-D printing, the new PNW Pest Management Handbooks website, and a productivity tip that involves tomatoes! Hosted by Jeff Hino, today's episode…

From  Karen Zimmermann 2 Years ago 39 views

Teachers in the Woods Program 2015

The Teachers in the Woods Program at Hopkins Demonstration Forest, in collaboration with the Clackamas County Extension Forestry Program, takes place south of Oregon City. It is a field-based summer…

From  Jean Bremer 3 Years ago 19 views

Has Science Become Just About Irrelevant?

Dr. Robert T. Lackey presents the Keynote Lecture, Annual General Conference, British Columbia College of Applied Biology, Vancouver, March 13, 2015.

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Thurston W2015

This video is a presentation by Jean Thurston to the Marine Forum pertaining to "Offshore Renewable Energy: Bureau of Ocean Energy Management ." Winter term 2015.

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Canvas Comes to Oregon State University

Oregon State University instructors describe their experience with the Canvas learning management system

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