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2018 Distinguished Professor Lecture - Janet Tate

With a little help from my friends: collaborative materials research and incorporating research into the undergraduate curriculum.

From  Shari Brumbach 3 Months ago 4 views

2015-2016 Tsoo King Public Lecture: Peter Walter

The Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics Tsoo King Memorial Lecture Series Public Lecture 2015-2016 presented by Dr. Peter Walter Dr. Peter Walter is currently a Distinguished Professor of…

From  Kelsey Kean 2 Years ago 80 views

Blending Scientific and Mathematical Curiosities

College of Science 2015 F.A. Gilfillan Memorial Lecture Presented by Mathematics Professor Edward C Waymire April 28, 2015 Waymire is the 2014 recipient of the F.A. Gilfillan Award for Distinguished…

From  Sharon Betterton 3 Years ago 131 views

Yunker Lecture Series

Relativity, Quantum Physics and Graphene-Philip Kim, Columbia University, November, 2011

From  John Myers 6 Years ago 377 views

Hurricane Wavemaker

The O.H. Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory at Oregon State University demonstrates the Hurricane Wavemaker. The machine sends out a wave to topple a concrete structure, simulating the impact of a big…

From  pencet 7 Years ago 109 views

OSU Dairy Student Workers

Kaci Sinteck 20 OSU students are hired to run the 120 head dairy. These students are paid to learn, while they gain hands on experince in feeding, milking, and general care for the cows.

From  Sara Monk 7 Years ago 11 views

Daeschel is Local Food Gatekeeper

If you've ever thought about taking your secret recipe and trying to manufacture and sell it in stores, there's a scientist in Oregon it has to go through first. Oregon State University…

From  Sara Monk 7 Years ago 30 views