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Back Page 286 L.M. Parkhurst

Jody Seay with L.M. Parkhurst, author of Realms, Book One of a science fiction trilogy.

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Back Page 290 Wildlife Safari

Today’s big topic is elephants. Jody is joined by Katie Alayan, Senior Elephant Trainer at Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon.

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Back Page 285 Jan Roberts-Dominguez Corvallis artist and food writer Jan Roberts-Dominguez discusses making "Oregon Hazelnut Country - the Food, the Drink, the Spirit." The book is divided into sections…

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Back Page 281 David Cobb

"Quiet Beauty: The Japanese Gardens of North America" features the photography of David Cobb.

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Back Page 283 Miriam Ruth Black

Miriam Ruth Black is the author of "Turtle Season," a funny and touching story of personal discovery. "Turtle Season" follows the deep inner journey of a woman at midlife as she…

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Back Page 282 Jill Kelly

Jill Kelly, PhD, is an editor, author, and painter. She lives in Portland, Oregon, where she works as a text and developmental editor and coach for writers and other creatives. She discusses and…

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Back Page 280 Jessica Hedges

Jessica Hedges is a cowboy poet from Burns, Oregon, who has delighted audiences with her real life stories of working cows, riding horses, and training dogs from a woman’s point of view. Her…

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Back Page 279 Anne Hendren

Author Anne Hendren spent years researching the connection linking improved prison design with reduced recidivism. These elements inform the story arc in "A Dream of Good and Evil."

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Back Page 272 Mridula Koshy

Mridula Koshy, author of a collection of stories entitled, "If It Is Sweet"

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Back Page 276 Chad Coenson

Chad Coenson is the author of "Me and Bobby McGee." Chad won the Silver Medal for Best Fiction from the Independent Pulisher Book Awards in the West - Pacific Region

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Back Page 275 David Koop

David A. Koop had it all – a storied business career, beautiful son, and prospects as far as the eye could see. Then a surprise cancer diagnosis turned his life upside down. More than three…

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Back Page 269 Kristy Athens

"Get Your Pitchfork On! The Real Dirt on Country Living" gives you the practical tools you need to realize your own dreams of getting away from it all, with the basics of home, farm, and…

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Back Page 268 Elizabeth Tierney

Elizabeth Tierney discusses her memoir, Dignifying Dementia: A Caregiver's Struggle

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Back Page 274 Adam Bacher

Adam Bacher is a freelance photographer and blogger who traveled to Rwanda photographing the projects of the Portland based Itafari Foundation, Bacher's work is on exhibit at the…

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Back Page 273 Lois Leveen

"The Secrets of Mary Bowser," based on the true story of one daring woman willing to sacrifice her own freedom to change the course of history.

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Back Page 271 Bob Welch, Cascade Summer

Jody Seay with Eugene, OR, writer Bob Welch. "Cascade Summer: My Adventure on Oregon's Pacific Crest Trail" is the story of Bob Welch's 2011 attempt, along with his…

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