OSU Marching Band Halftime Shows, 1987

A compilation of Oregon State University Marching Band halftime shows performed at Parker Stadium, Husky Stadium and the Seattle Kingdome, Fall 1987. Themes of the performances include "Edison…

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UUFC August 13, 2017

Summer Sunday Services-"When It Gets Hot" with Reverend Jill K. McAllister

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UUFC August 6, 2017

Summer Sunday Services-"My Brave Year: Learning to Love in a New Way" with Reverend Leslie Chartier-Special thanks to Virgil Agnew for the video recording.

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Intro to Statgraphics_revised

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Al Haunold oral history interview, August 1, 2017

Al Haunold is a currently retired PhD in Agricultural Sciences and the scientist who worked on developing the Willamette and Cascade variety of hops, among others. Haunold talks about his life…

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UUFC July 30, 2017

Summer Sunday Services-"To Help One Another" with Monica Jacobsen-Tennessen-Many thanks to Virgil Agnew for the video work.

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