ENGR 202 Class 16 - 05/23/18

Section 6: 32 - 39

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Negotiating your job offer

A panel discussion hosted by Claire Wu of the Career Development Center at Oregon State.

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UUFC May 20, 2018

"You Can't Fix Stupid, But You Can Distract It" with Elizabeth Sollie, Intern Minister

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ENGR 202 Class 15 - 05/21/18

AC power - example problems

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WEEK 8 Progress

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Monte Campbell oral history interview, May 21, 2018

Monte Campbell is an alumna of Oregon State College, class of 1953, and among the first women to graduate from Oregon State with a degree in Physical Education. In her interview she discusses her…

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Android SQLite and Location

Add three things without location permission, show it worked, add 3 things with location permission, show that all 6 things are there and that the last 3 had correct location data. Then close the app…

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Gail Oberst oral history interview, May 17, 2018

Gail Oberst is a reporter and co-founder of the Oregon Beer Growler, a publication that covers the states brewing industry. In her interview, Oberst talks extensively about her families deep ties to…

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Aaron Brussat oral history interview, May 16, 2018

Aaron Brussat is a Eugene-based beer writer. In his interview, he talks about growing up in Maryland, visiting Washington DC, and his family’s book and record business. He talks about his…

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Writing for grants and fellowships

Writing effective funding proposals is a crucial skill for scholars who intend to pursue research, faculty, and administrative career paths. Discover the types of funding opportunities available to…

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2018 ALS 108

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ENGR 202 Class 14 - 05/16/18

Section 5: 22 - 24 Transformers - example problems

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ENGR 202 Class 13 - 05/14/18

Exam 2 review

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UUFC May 13, 2018

"On The Rising Tide" with Reverend Jill K. McAllister

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2018 Distinguished Professor Lecture - Janet Tate

With a little help from my friends: collaborative materials research and incorporating research into the undergraduate curriculum.

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