Emi Sumida oral history interview, February 21, 2018

Emi Sumida is a licensed psychologist and group coordinator for Counseling and Psychological Services at Oregon State University. She was interviewed by Allison Tep in the Valley Library for the…

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ENGR 201 Class 13 - 02/21/18

Section 4: 22 - 25 Homework 6 review

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UUFC February 18, 2018

"Faith as Yes-to-Life" with Reverend Mark Gallagher, Guest Minister

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ALS 108 Intro to the Library Winter 2018

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ENGR 201 Class 12 - 02/19/18

Example problems - opamp amplifiers

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Suzy Hartman oral history interview, February 15, 2018

Suzy Hartman is an Oregon State University alumna who graduated with the class of 1987, earning her degree in Veterinary Medicine. She was interviewed by Hunter Hartman in West Hall for the class…

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week7 progress

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Aviral Sinha CS496 Android UI

Aviral Sinha CS 496 Android UI

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Bathini Android UI video

CS 496 Android UI Assignment. Video of my Application Working

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Summing & Difference Amplifiers

Section 4: 45 - 49

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Unity Gain Buffer

Section 4: 41 - 44

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Feminist Forward: The Future of the Feminist Movement (League of Women Voters) - audio

"Feminist Forward: The Future of the Feminist Movement (League of Women Voters)" Tuesday February 13, 2018. Panelists: Dr. Allison Davis-White Eyes, OSU Director of Community Diversity …

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Rachel Grisham oral history interview, February 14, 2018

Rachel Grisham is an OSU alumna (Class of 2017) and past president of both the Associated Students of Oregon State University as well as the Sigma Delta Omega sorority, which provides support for…

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John Graham oral history interview, February 14, 2018

Interviewed in the Valley Library by Tiah Edmunson-Morton. This interview is a component of the Oregon Tilth Oral History Collection (OH 40), Special Collections and Archives Research Center, Oregon…

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Indira Rajagopal oral history interview, February 12, 2018

Indira Rajagopal is a Senior Instructor at Oregon State University with a joint appointment in Biology and Biochemistry. She was interviewed at her office in the OSU Agricultural and Life Sciences…

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