DaVinci Resolve 16 Tutorials

DaVinci Resolve 16 Tutorials

If you're looking for a free alternative to Adobe Premiere Pro, look no further. 
DaVinci resolve is a Mac/Windows program that is shockingly powerful and gives Premiere a run for its money. It's a little daunting at first, but we hope these tutorials will get you well on your way to creating quality video content.

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Free online download, great low budget alternative to Premiere Pro

While Da Vinci Resolve doesn't have the cult following like Premiere Pro...yet, it's recent updates have made it a strong competitor -- and its unbeatable price of FREE makes this a tantalizing option. Da Vinci's step by step layout walks you through your video step by step and provides as many free titles and assets as Premiere or iMovie. 

SMS has recently started supporting Da Vinci -- so expect to see the program in our open labs and tutorials soon. 

Find it here:

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