Multimedia Tips and Tricks

  • From Teresa Preddy

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    This tutorial was created by Student Multimedia Services. We are a team of creative problem-solvers whose sole mission is to develop innovative multimedia solutions for…
  • From Teresa Preddy

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    This tutorial was created by the Student Multimedia Studio. We are a team of creative problem-solvers whose sole mission is to develop innovative multimedia solutions…
  • From Teresa Preddy

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OSU Computer Helpdesk Tips and Tricks

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    In this tutorial, we show you how to use Microsoft Outlook to reserve an OSU conference room. This tutorial shows Outlook 2010 for Windows, but the process is similar…
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    In this 11 minute segment, we discuss why OSU has launched Google Apps for OSU, the relationship between Google and OSU, sharing and collaboration opportunities, data…
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    How to sign up for Duo two-step login at

Classroom Technology Training

  • From Cub Kahn

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    A brief guide to new Oregon State University classroom technology and workflows for instructors.
  • From Teresa Preddy

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  • From FMC

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OSU Sesquicentennial Oral History Project

  • From Christoffer Petersen

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    Brenda McComb was born William McComb in 1952. Over two stints at OSU, McComb worked as a member of the faculty in the Department of Forest Sciences and Department of…
  • From Christoffer Petersen

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    Julie Bentz (b. 1964) graduated from Oregon State University in 1986 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Radiological Health. A United States Army Major General, Bentz,…
  • From Christoffer Petersen

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    Andy Landforce (b. 1917) graduated from Oregon State College in 1942, serving as student body president his senior year. A World War II veteran, Landforce enjoyed a long…

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    Why you should choose OSU!
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    General forestry scenes
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